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Stylish Shading Solutions

Retractable Awnings or Toldos from Shades by Oakley Marbella are available to suit all requirements.

All our awnings are custom, made to measure, with an outstanding range of fabrics.

 All Shades by Oakley awnings can be combined easily with the latest remote control systems and wind velocity automation.



Shades by Oakley Marbella understand that when dealing with the home attention to detail is required – that is why we only specialise in the best European manufactured awnings developed and tested in European climates.

When your requirement is to provide shade over a window or patio door and help control the temperature and light in a specific room then Shades by Oakley Marbella have many options available.

We offer outside or inside installed products for the windows or glazed roofing controlled either manually or electrically with many automatic control methods.


Stay cool in the summer sun

Hot summer sun and bright intense glare will be a thing of the past when using your awning and control is simple with automatic control options or remote control systems tailored to your home.

Your patio awning will protect you, your family, pets and furniture from the heat and harmful UV rays of the sun.

You can keep several degrees cooler under the awning. However at night time the temperature is usually higher underneath the awning as heat is trapped under the covered area. Shades by Oakley Marbella can supply a range of options for retractable awnings.


Awnings/Toldos for any situation

Open Cassette Awnings

If the location for installation is well protected then open cassette awnings are a good economical way of shading. This type of awning is usually fixed underneath a balcony.

Semi-Cassette Awnings

With varying degrees of protection given by semi cassette awnings as the casings from manufacturers differ in design. Generally the protection is given from the top and the front only by an aluminium or steel cover-board.

Full-Cassette Awnings

An enclosed awning where the roller, fabric cover and arms are completely protected and stored in a closed cassette when retracted. The cover fabric will stay cleaner a lot longer if used sensibly.



Veranda awning

The Veranda awning system from Bandalux is a self-supporting and compact system with tensed fabric roll-up driven by a motor, so that the awning can be installed on any plane.

Product benefits

  • Suitable for covering surfaces of up to 21m2, integrated in the structure in horizontal, vertical or sloping planes, both interior and exterior.
  • Complies with European Standard EN 13561, which specifies the requirements, manufacturing risks, transport, installation and maintenance of building awnings.
  • The box integrated in the structure protects the fabric and the mechanisms from adverse weather conditions.
  • Polyscreen® and acrylic canvas fabrics (they comply with building standards and regulations).

Drop Arm Awnings

The drop arm awning cassette into which the fabric retracts is fitted above the window that is to be shaded.

Vertical Cassette Blinds

Exactly as the name implies this blind comprises of a length of fabric that runs vertically up and down.


The free-standing awning stand consists of a steel cross member and two steel posts at the side and has no annoying centre support like giant umbrellas can have. It offers plenty of space with a maximum height of three metres and a walk-under height of over two metres to side even at large extensions.

Whether small and compact or stylish and elegant, with or without lighting. All awning types are equipped with a gear mechanism and attractive stainless steel winding handle; an electric motor is optional. The powder-coated awning stand includes a top profile in the same frame colour as the awning. The cover and mechanism are always well protected when retracted by the totally enclosed housing and top profile.

Quality Toldos Retractable Awnings installed from Marbella to Sotogrande and beyond…